Cost Breakdown

Below is the cost breakdown for an example HAB flight in Cape Town, South Africa. The intention is to give a rough idea of what you can expect to spend.

This example uses a mobile phone for tracking/locating your payload. It is useful to have a backup locating device. Two oceans, lots of mountains and strong winds in the Western Cape make recovering the payload a difficult task. See ‘Tracking Methods’ for more details.

Your final cost may be different based on your choice of balloon, payload, launch equipment, and any additional shipping costs. Many of the items can be reused for other flights though if your balloon is recovered successfully.

Item Description Supplier Price Quantity Total
1 Parachute InterMet Africa R 150 1 R 150
2 9kg Helium bottle Afrox R 436 2 R 872
3 Pawan 600g Balloon InterMet Africa R 390 1 R 390
4 Raspberry Pi + Camera RS Components R 850 1 R 850
5 32 GB microSD card R 279 1 R 279
6 Samsung Pocket Galaxy S531 Game R 595 1 R 595
7 Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries R 84 1 R 84
8 Turnigy 5V Regulator R 90 1 R 90
9 Polystyrene 6-pack cooler box R 20 1 R 20
10 Nylon cord R 30 1 R 30
TOTAL R 3360

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