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Our mission is to provide an holistic value-added training program that is aimed at producing well-rounded Space professionals. Professionals who through this program have undergone the necessary knowledge transfer required to accelerate the indigenous capabilities of their countries, institutions or companies.


To be a recognized world-class Space engineering training facility dedicated to Human Capital Development.


In the last decade, there has been a growing demand within the domain of Space for training that facilitates knowledge transfer, whereby indigenous human capital and overarching technical capabilities are developed. In response, Space Advisory Company (SAC), a subsidiary company of Space Commercial Services Holdings, realised the utility of moving away from current ad-hoc training offerings to a more formalized, professional training platform capable of better addressing their clients’ comprehensive training requirements. Since then, the Academy, now known as the Space Engineering Academy or SEA, has evolved to become an autonomous entity focused on delivering world-class space engineering training to global teams and professionals.

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Because SEA is where Passion and Experience come together to make Space accessible to you!


Highly Experienced and Passionate Industry Professionals


Cutting Edge Practical Space Engineering Training


Outcome Orientated; Training Tailored to Your Requirements


SEA offers our clients a diverse range of programs and training services.

PhoenixSat: Optional 24KG Satellite Training Platform

About Us

SEA offers Space professionals the exciting opportunity to engage in a simulated real working environment. Gaining valuable experience through working in program teams where each individual is allocated a specific functional area, and where the real world stresses of a project are incorporated through the expressed outcome (of either a functional satellite/related infrastructure such as a ground station) to be achieved by the end of the training program.

Additionally, participants are extensively guided throughout the training program, guaranteeing the professional growth of the individual and collective team, while also ensuring that the outcomes of a program are met. Participants are thus provided with an organisational liaison, an innovation program manager, technical support and a mentor/supervisor for the duration of the training program.

Finally, training packages include extensive impact and evaluation streams. Team assessments include a pre-screening that spans everything from an English evaluation, to individual and team profile assessments which help to identify the strengths and weaknesses within a team as well as possible areas of conflict. While every third month (after the initial three month academic period), will see a face to face feedback session to gauge performance and ensure that expressed outcomes are being met.

Holistic Training

Unlike universities that are frequently theory dominated, SEA offers its engineers an holistic training experience that covers an academic curriculum (in partnership with an accredited university), as well as an extensive hands-on training portion (in house)

Position Orientated Training

Within this program, engineers will be exposed to a wide variety of skills ranging from functional area specific technical skills (ADCS, Power, RF, etc.) dependent on position in team or need, to soft skills (program and team management)

Real World Application

The aim of SEA is to produce well-rounded Space professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to enable them to confidently contribute to the success of a satellite project and/or its related infrastructure

Flexible Program Creation

SEA is dedicated to the advancement of your skills base, and as such, offers a variety of options ranging from a one year program to a three year program depending on your required outcomes

Tailored Human Capital Development

Comprehensive Satellite Team Development

Potential outcome of a functional Small Satellite and/or related infrastructure (as expressed by client)

Provisional Team Offer [flexible]:

  • A team of up to 18 people
  • For a period of up to 18 months
  • Spanning the management, designing, building, AIT and supporting the launch campaign of a nano/small/micro-satellite [however, can be adjusted to the engineering of related space infrastructure and technologies]

Available to:

  • Any country that wants to send a full team
  • For the internal population of individuals that come from internally funded activities
  • From HCD programs in South Africa or elsewhere

Curriculum Overview

The current curriculum outline is an example of a possible overarching program for the creation of a small satellite. It does not take into account other outcomes namely related space infrastructure or all the soft skills such as astronomy, space law, magnetosphere, or space science which are also available.

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